I do love to be beside the seaside…. 

Who doesn’t like a nice beach? No one that I know, which is just as well as we live on the Cornish coast! Lots of stunning beaches. 

Although the wedding I did yesterday wasn’t actually on a beach, you could see the sea. It was in the grooms family back garden (field) with the most stunning views! And right in the next village to me, which was handy. 

The cake was a beast! So heavy it took the groom, his mate from NZ, a girl guest and a trolley to get it from car to marquee! All involved thought this quite funny, and photos were taken. It really was quite a sight. Especially as the trolley then had to be carried over the grass. So the cake arrived in some style! 

It was: Chocolate/salted caramel and ganache. Lemon and vanilla buttercream. And coconut/lime with pineapple buttercream. 


I’m alive!!! 

Goodness I seem to have been quiet lately! It’s not for lack of cake making I promise. It’s more lack of time to sit down and post to you all. Forgive me? Please? I know you will, you’re all too lovely not too 🙂

So here’s what I’ve been up to!  


Not such fast food….

last week I got to do one of my ‘bucket list’ cakes. I’ve seen fast food cake towers and wanted to have a go. So I was delighted when I got asked to do one for a birthday. 
The subject was fast food, but making it into cake certainly wasn’t! It took me two full days. But the email I got from the client made it all worth it.

The cakes were a mix of chocolate and lemon, with vanilla buttercream. 


Blooming Marvellous 

I think I’ve mentioned before that when I left school (in fact I ran screaming) at 16 I went to train in horticulture. That was about a million years ago, but some things stick with you. My love of flowers being one. 

Now I don’t grow as many, instead I make them out of sugar! I’ve a project for a display cake in my head. And now the wedding fair season has stopped for me (until September) I’ve made a start. It involves a lot of flowers! And I’m in my element. 

You’ll be getting sick of floral updates, for which I’d apologise except I’m not sorry 🙂 



Laws of gravity….

And how to defy them! At least making it look that way.
I’ve been itching to have a go at one of these, and my husbands birthday gave me the perfect opportunity. He likes a drink…..

So I stole one of his empty cans and set to work. The cake inside is lemon with vanilla buttercream and lemon curd. The white fondant was airbrushed to try and get the effect of a glass mug full of beer. My airbrush fought back!

Anyway this was the resulting cake 🙂



Getting in a spin

Getting in a spin in the form of a washing machine! A cakey first for me. This was a birthday cake for a gentleman who fixes washing machines. No getting away from them even on your birthday! But it was a fun cake to make.

I also got to play with more pink 🙂 I really am such a girl!! And the reactions to the two tier christening cake were a delight. It’s what makes it worth doing.

Things are a little quiet now as my boy is on Easter holiday, but I’m still getting into the cake room! I’ve a white flower display in mind I’m trying out. Watch this space!!!





It’s a hoot….

See what I did there? Well you will. I’m talking Owl cakes of course.
I had two orders this week for owls. And I had so much fun making them! They are cute little devils aren’t they? And living in the middle of nowhere they are often my nightly companions….. Often making them less cute in reality I have to say…..

Back to the cakes. The three on the train are Madagascan vanilla and gluten free. The little girl owl is lemon.



Fox and Hounds wedding fair

Today was the second wedding fair of the year for me. This time in the lovely Fox and Hounds Hotel in Devon. Another beautiful hotel in another beautiful location. Very different to the beach location last week, showing what a variety of landscape we have here.
It was busy and if I didn’t get to speak to you I’m sorry! It was good to meet some lovely people again.

A few people asked where I’m based. If you’re ordering a cake from me and you’re further away, don’t worry. I don’t charge for delivery, we live in the country, everywhere involves a journey. I have an 8 mile round trip just for milk!

Again the ‘naked’ cake was popular. And the sample cakes went down well 🙂





Saunton Sands Hotel wedding fair

Sunday saw the first wedding fair of the season for me. This year I’ve booked quite a few, partly because I like doing them. It’s so good to be able to talk face to face with people.
My first fair was at the stunning Saunton Sands Hotel in North Devon. The views, even on a wet and windy January day, were quite breathtaking. A wedding there would be more than amazing.
It was quieter than I’d expected, but I suspect that was partly due to the terrible weather. Even so I met some lovely brides and grooms to be. I hope some of them will give me the honour of making their cake.





New year. New cakes.

Happy New Year 🙂
2014 was my first full year in business. Although I’ve been making cakes for 35 years, I’d never even thought about doing it as a business.
I did a birthday cake for a friend and took it to the local diner, where the party was. The owner had a slice and asked if I’d make cakes for them. I was shocked! I laughed thinking they were joking, but said sure. I thought no more of it until they called and ordered! That got the ball rolling. I got all my certificates and registrations in place as I was going to be charging for my cakes. Even though it was one cake a week I wanted to be legal and do it properly.
And that was that. I was hooked again, and with the support of good friends, I organised myself and set up Sweet Temptations.
Now I have my own little cake nook at the back of the kitchen and I’m busy getting ready for wedding fair season!