Blooming Marvellous 

I think I’ve mentioned before that when I left school (in fact I ran screaming) at 16 I went to train in horticulture. That was about a million years ago, but some things stick with you. My love of flowers being one. 

Now I don’t grow as many, instead I make them out of sugar! I’ve a project for a display cake in my head. And now the wedding fair season has stopped for me (until September) I’ve made a start. It involves a lot of flowers! And I’m in my element. 

You’ll be getting sick of floral updates, for which I’d apologise except I’m not sorry 🙂 



Getting in a spin

Getting in a spin in the form of a washing machine! A cakey first for me. This was a birthday cake for a gentleman who fixes washing machines. No getting away from them even on your birthday! But it was a fun cake to make.

I also got to play with more pink 🙂 I really am such a girl!! And the reactions to the two tier christening cake were a delight. It’s what makes it worth doing.

Things are a little quiet now as my boy is on Easter holiday, but I’m still getting into the cake room! I’ve a white flower display in mind I’m trying out. Watch this space!!!





Pretty in pink

A few weeks ago I was asked to do what, for me, was a dream cake. A pink wedding cake! I’m such a girl that this instantly appealed. Although I did double check that they wanted the actual cake pink, and not just pink accents. Nope, pink cake with white roses. My inner six year old did cartwheels.
The cake itself was Madagascan vanilla, with raspberries and black raspberry liquor syrup.

When we go to the venue the colour made perfect sense.

Pink was a theme this week with another pink cake. This time for a 40th birthday.

This week was for the girls!




Northcote Manor Wedding Fair

Wedding fair season is in full swing! I love dong them, you get to meet such nice people and visit some beautiful locations. Sunday was no exception. Northcote Manor is stunning, even in the pouring rain we had all day. And they looked after us so well.

I try to take something different to each fair. Although when they are every weekend that can be a challenge. I managed it though. This was my new addition. Printed wafer paper, a stunning way to add real drama to a cake.


Milky Way Wedding Fayre

Well another Sunday saw another wedding fair, or fayre. I’m never sure why the two spellings!
Anyway yesterday I was just up the road from home at The Milky Way. They have always been a great attraction, the kids love it. And now they have an adorable wedding venue too! Perfect for any wedding where there will be children, of any age.





Fox and Hounds wedding fair

Today was the second wedding fair of the year for me. This time in the lovely Fox and Hounds Hotel in Devon. Another beautiful hotel in another beautiful location. Very different to the beach location last week, showing what a variety of landscape we have here.
It was busy and if I didn’t get to speak to you I’m sorry! It was good to meet some lovely people again.

A few people asked where I’m based. If you’re ordering a cake from me and you’re further away, don’t worry. I don’t charge for delivery, we live in the country, everywhere involves a journey. I have an 8 mile round trip just for milk!

Again the ‘naked’ cake was popular. And the sample cakes went down well 🙂





Saunton Sands Hotel wedding fair

Sunday saw the first wedding fair of the season for me. This year I’ve booked quite a few, partly because I like doing them. It’s so good to be able to talk face to face with people.
My first fair was at the stunning Saunton Sands Hotel in North Devon. The views, even on a wet and windy January day, were quite breathtaking. A wedding there would be more than amazing.
It was quieter than I’d expected, but I suspect that was partly due to the terrible weather. Even so I met some lovely brides and grooms to be. I hope some of them will give me the honour of making their cake.