I do love to be beside the seaside…. 

Who doesn’t like a nice beach? No one that I know, which is just as well as we live on the Cornish coast! Lots of stunning beaches. 

Although the wedding I did yesterday wasn’t actually on a beach, you could see the sea. It was in the grooms family back garden (field) with the most stunning views! And right in the next village to me, which was handy. 

The cake was a beast! So heavy it took the groom, his mate from NZ, a girl guest and a trolley to get it from car to marquee! All involved thought this quite funny, and photos were taken. It really was quite a sight. Especially as the trolley then had to be carried over the grass. So the cake arrived in some style! 

It was: Chocolate/salted caramel and ganache. Lemon and vanilla buttercream. And coconut/lime with pineapple buttercream. 


Making the Big Bang boys proud.

This weekend I did two weddings that would have made Sheldon and co proud. And I’ll confess I only knew what a Death Star was because Amy and Bernadete made them one on the show! 

Batman I did know. I’m of a certain age and remember the original series ( as a rerun on Saturday morning telly, I’m not quite THAT old yet!) 

I also learnt that travelling through Bude with a Death Star in your lap gets you very funny looks through the car window! 

So here they are. Batman was vanilla with black raspberry liquor syrup. Star Wars was half lemon, half red velvet, with cream cheese icing. 


Frills and pretty things…..

This week I’ve been playing around with frills and ruffles. A little while ago I did a pink ombré frill cake for wedding fairs, but was frustrated at how they seem to sag.
Then I discovered the amazing Maggie Austin (I bow down) and her pert frills! Clearly there is a way!!
And indeed there is. And it’s face palming simple once you’ve been shown. I watched Ms Austin and it was a case of ‘oh of course!!!’ A bit of a cakey eureka moment.

So here is my first go at pert frills. I’m rather pleased 🙂


Pretty in pink

A few weeks ago I was asked to do what, for me, was a dream cake. A pink wedding cake! I’m such a girl that this instantly appealed. Although I did double check that they wanted the actual cake pink, and not just pink accents. Nope, pink cake with white roses. My inner six year old did cartwheels.
The cake itself was Madagascan vanilla, with raspberries and black raspberry liquor syrup.

When we go to the venue the colour made perfect sense.

Pink was a theme this week with another pink cake. This time for a 40th birthday.

This week was for the girls!




Wedding at The Weir

Today I delivered the heaviest cake in the world!!! Well my back told me it was anyway. You wouldn’t think a cake without fondant would be so heavy, but then again there was more buttercream than you could shake several sticks at.
My BFF from Atlanta sent me some Viva paper towels to get the smoothness to the buttercream. It worked really well! I’ll be using it a lot, sorry Leslie!

The wedding colours were silver and blue. The bride provided the topper. The cake is Madagascan vanilla and raspberry, with vanilla buttercream. With a separate gluten free cake to match.