Price Guide

Please read through my price guide.

I carefully take into account everything I’m asked to do before I price a cake. I always give an honest price, I don’t add more just because it’s a wedding cake for example. I can tailor your ideas to fit a budget, but I can’t change my prices. The price quoted will be the final price. Once agreed then a 25% deposit will secure your booking 🙂

Wedding Cakes.

Price on application as each cake will be unique. As will the size and amount of work involved. Below is a guide for cakes with fondant.

2 tier sponge from £150
3 tier sponge from £200
4 tier sponge from £250

Fruit cake will be £50 more per size.

Celebration cakes.

Again price will depend on the amount of work involved. Below is a guide for a simple fondant covered cake with basic decoration.

6in sponge from £20
8in sponge from £30
10in sponge from £40
12in sponge from £50

Fruit cakes will be £10 more per size.

Wedding favours.
Bespoke cookies with your guests names and wedding date. From £1 each.

6 cupcakes by post £25

Cupcakes start at £1.25 per cake.
This is for buttercream topped cupcakes. Fondant capped will be price on application, again depending on how intricate the design.

# Please note. Prices are for homemade cakes, hand made decorations and fondant work. Real butter and 70% cocoa chocolate.
Everything is made fresh to order. And price will include delivery. In the case of cupcakes by post, postage and packaging is included in the price. Gluten and dairy free will not cost any more.

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