Blooming Marvellous 

I think I’ve mentioned before that when I left school (in fact I ran screaming) at 16 I went to train in horticulture. That was about a million years ago, but some things stick with you. My love of flowers being one. 

Now I don’t grow as many, instead I make them out of sugar! I’ve a project for a display cake in my head. And now the wedding fair season has stopped for me (until September) I’ve made a start. It involves a lot of flowers! And I’m in my element. 

You’ll be getting sick of floral updates, for which I’d apologise except I’m not sorry 🙂 



New year. New cakes.

Happy New Year 🙂
2014 was my first full year in business. Although I’ve been making cakes for 35 years, I’d never even thought about doing it as a business.
I did a birthday cake for a friend and took it to the local diner, where the party was. The owner had a slice and asked if I’d make cakes for them. I was shocked! I laughed thinking they were joking, but said sure. I thought no more of it until they called and ordered! That got the ball rolling. I got all my certificates and registrations in place as I was going to be charging for my cakes. Even though it was one cake a week I wanted to be legal and do it properly.
And that was that. I was hooked again, and with the support of good friends, I organised myself and set up Sweet Temptations.
Now I have my own little cake nook at the back of the kitchen and I’m busy getting ready for wedding fair season!