I do love to be beside the seaside…. 

Who doesn’t like a nice beach? No one that I know, which is just as well as we live on the Cornish coast! Lots of stunning beaches. 

Although the wedding I did yesterday wasn’t actually on a beach, you could see the sea. It was in the grooms family back garden (field) with the most stunning views! And right in the next village to me, which was handy. 

The cake was a beast! So heavy it took the groom, his mate from NZ, a girl guest and a trolley to get it from car to marquee! All involved thought this quite funny, and photos were taken. It really was quite a sight. Especially as the trolley then had to be carried over the grass. So the cake arrived in some style! 

It was: Chocolate/salted caramel and ganache. Lemon and vanilla buttercream. And coconut/lime with pineapple buttercream. 


Wedding at The Weir

Today I delivered the heaviest cake in the world!!! Well my back told me it was anyway. You wouldn’t think a cake without fondant would be so heavy, but then again there was more buttercream than you could shake several sticks at.
My BFF from Atlanta sent me some Viva paper towels to get the smoothness to the buttercream. It worked really well! I’ll be using it a lot, sorry Leslie!

The wedding colours were silver and blue. The bride provided the topper. The cake is Madagascan vanilla and raspberry, with vanilla buttercream. With a separate gluten free cake to match.




Northcote Manor Wedding Fair

Wedding fair season is in full swing! I love dong them, you get to meet such nice people and visit some beautiful locations. Sunday was no exception. Northcote Manor is stunning, even in the pouring rain we had all day. And they looked after us so well.

I try to take something different to each fair. Although when they are every weekend that can be a challenge. I managed it though. This was my new addition. Printed wafer paper, a stunning way to add real drama to a cake.


Helping make memories

If you are with me over on face book then you will have seen this cake, it’s now my header photo.
The order came in, and I had no idea it was for a wedding! Although I don’t charge any more if I do know it’s a wedding cake. Why would you? It’s the time, size and work involved that determines the price, not the type of event.
Anyway I thought it was for a special occasion, anniversary maybe. Until I delivered it.
‘Oh the wedding cake.’ Came the reply when I said I was delivering a cake.

I’m pleased to say it matched the colour scheme perfectly and looked lovely on it’s display table.
The next day I received a lovely message from the bride thanking me. Along with this beautiful pic of them cutting the cake.

It’s always a delight to know you’ve been a part in making any special day work.
Thank you to the happy couple for allowing their photo to be shared 🙂



Let’s get naked!!!!

Stop! Before you start taking your clothes off and running free, I’m talking cake.
Naked cakes!
I recently did a wedding fair, and the cake that got the most attention was this one.


One bride to be and her friend even took a selfie with it! I had to laugh at that.
It seems the tides are turning away from anything remotely traditional. Even to the point of no decoration at all.
I have to say that the combination of classic sponge cake and fresh fruits does make for a stunning centre piece. And why not add fresh flowers too? To match your wedding flowers. Dust with icing sugar and it would be super romantic 🙂